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Le Macioche winery, quality and care for details. #wine #italy

Winemaking is not only a matter of generations that hand down knowledge and vineyards. There are stories of friendship that integrate ancient traditions and renew it. Le Macioche is a small ancient winery of Montalcino less 1233554668522than one year ago has been taken over by three friends from Veneto who fell in love with this unique territory.

In Verona they work as consultants in the field of the green economy and environmental sustainability.

When they had the occasion to buy a winery, their first aim was to enclose in their wines a high sense of respect for the environment: a work but also a philosophy of life and a dream become true.

“We were looking for a small reality, a limited production in a unique terroir: and we have found it”, they say. The former team has been preserved, starting from the oenologist Maurizio Castelli, who in 2000 has converted the winery to organic farming and has chosen guyot as training method for the 3-hectare vineyard. Le Macioche proposes three labels and produces 18,000 bottles per year: Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello and Brunello Riserva.

Quality meets a great care for details and tradition is always combined with modernity. The new management has preserved a craftsman-like work as an ancient value, while labels, packaging, look and minimal eleganceare the distinguishing marks of a generation change and of the new imprinting.