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Consortium Prosecco: stop at Glyfosate, Folpet and Mancozeb



The Assembly of Consortium Prosecco DOC, confirmed the commitment of the President Stefano Zanette to ban, for the vintage 2018, Glyphosate, Folpet and Mancozeb, removing the same principles, already this year, from the Handbook viticulture 2017.

“We planted the first nail and from here we will never go back, but the summit is ambitious, the path towards total sustainability is long, we have to plan well the subsequent moves” said President Stefano Zanette commenting the success of the ordinary assembly that approved all agenda items, even those less obvious.

The Assembly has decided to vote in favor of the elimination of Glyphosate, Mancozeb and Folpet from the wine year 2018 with an unprecedented measure will become mandatory for all producers who want to be assured of the possibility of producing Prosecco Doc.

This first concrete step toward the system certification, announced just a month ago during a press conference that provoked strong discussion, is the confirmation of the determination with which the Consortium is progressing towards sustainability. More thrust that includes not only farming practices that protect water, air and soil, but also the economic and social sustainability.

The year ahead – explains Zanette – is the time required to enable us to adopt, with extensive involvement of the supply chain, the most suitable solutions to achieve a goal even more ambitious: a certification of sustainability for the entire name.

As I have explained to our members, this is a choice that could be called ‘social responsibility‘, which has nothing to do with the scientific assessments of competence of other bodies. The science instead there was a comfort to ensure that, even without these substances, we can make a quality wine! “.

“I am convinced – continued Zanette – that beyond the concerns expressed by some members, we will be able, once again, to demonstrate the maturity and dynamism of our name that so proves not to look only to profit but can interpret in a responsible way the expectations of consumer and residents in our territories “.

 “Now I appeal to the sense of responsibility of everyone – concluded Zanette – to successfully carry out the cultural leap that we wanted to accomplish. It ‘a difficult passage that I for first  I wanted to experience in my company so I clearly know what I would have asked you to do.

The Consortium provides all the necessary support to the companies for better address this difficult but irreversible step.