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From 2009 to today, Bisol have recorded an extraordinary increase in exports towards the BRIC countries: in Brazil, Russia, India and China, sales of Prosecco have in fact grown by 650%.

Bisol products, which ended the year 2011 with a turnover of 13 million Euro, equally distributed between Italy, Europe and the rest of the world and being exported to 56 countries, are distributed exclusively through the HoReCa channel and occupy a highly specialised corner of the market: “2012 is off to a great start with the first three months confirming the growth trend: connoisseurs who taste a glass of Bisol are in search of a certain type of quality and culture that reflects its home territory” comments Gianluca Bisol, general manager and member of the time-honoured Cartizze family.


Brazil, with growth figures of more than 300% in 3 years, makes up 20% of exports towards the BRIC area. As the export manager Roberto Actis explains, “Italian wine in Brazil costs 300% more than the equivalent in the USA and the high taxation levels for exporting wine from Italy must also be taken into account”. Cru Cartizze Bisol is served in the elegant Mr Lam restaurant in Rio de Janeiro which is owned by Elike Batista one of the ten richest men in the world. In San Paolo noSO2 can be tasted at Mani, famous for its “natural cuisine”, graced by the renowned chef Helena Rizzo and voted by the British publication ‘Restaurant Magazine’ amongst the top 100 restaurants in the world.

Italian wine in China is still something of a niche product but Prosecco is already becoming appreciated in the metropolises and above all in luxurious establishments. China, with growth figures of 130% in 3 years,  makes up 25% of Bisol exports towards the BRIC area. In Peking, Bisol wines are served in top quality restaurants such as LM Plus and Fairmont.

For Bisol Russia takes up more than 65% of the increase and more than 55% of exports towards the Bric countries. “Russia is a historically interesting market for sparkling wines from everywhere in the world. Today, in Russia, Italian sparkling wines occupy first place for the consumption of foreign sparkling wines. Obviously, Prosecco is one of the most sought after wines in the bubbles market” explains Christina Arutyunova, Business Development Director East Countries. Bisol, Jeio and BelStar can be found in the best establishments from Moscow to Siberia. “Moscow is certainly the largest and most competitive market. Thanks to the collaboration with MBGroup, one of the most influential import companies, Bisol wines are currently being served in the Sindikat chain, one of the largest and richest in Russia, in the restaurants of the BOSCO group, including the luxury GUM store in Red Square, in the Novikov chain, BOLSHOY restaurant and MACHO GRILL and in important hotels such as Swissotel and Marriott Grand Hotel”. For class events Russian Vip clients choose Bisol wines selecting them for example to accompany cultural, political and finance meetings such as “Forum Russia”, the most important appointment in the world of Russian finance.

“Prosecco Bisol – so chic and easy – has once again confirmed itself as a Lifestyle Symbol of international success” comments Gianluca Bisol “it is well liked in all corners of the market and thanks to its delicacy and its subtle bouquet it pairs perfectly with Asian and exotic cuisine: it is also so versatile that it is chosen as the ideal drink for toasting at any moment during the day and it accompanies all dishes from the aperitif to dessert”.